Who We Are


In the year 2013 it was placed in the heart of the founders of this Ministry a trip to Egypt to meet a project that was supporting the newly converted Christians. Many of them were suffering persecution for their choice and the church of Christ was in every way trying to minimize the damage caused by “religious war”. In 2014 we know the background the project and we were very affected by everything they did in an inhospitable environment. Since that time was recorded in our hearts the certainty that something should be done for the persecuted Christians in Muslim countries. In early 2015 we ask God to show us in Egypt what the ministry should we raise in his name.


The ministry is based on two pillars:

The first pillar is the sending of missionaries to Muslim countries to assist in existing projects that need support. Our interest is to help the church of Christ on a solid growth. Sending missionaries is also planned on two fronts: evangelistic missions and professional missions. The first is mainly focused on the preaching of the word of God and biblical teaching. This group is also responsible for giving support to the persecuted who are at risk of life, and direct them to Brazil to be hosted by the Centre for Refugee Christian (CARC). The second front aims to help others through academic knowledge, formed by people from the areas of health, physical education, psychology and others.

The second pillar is the construction of CARC (Centre for Christian Refugees) in Londrina. The CARC is intended to give psychological support, spiritual and human, so that the wounds opened by the persecution is diminished, the individual seeking to enter back into society. Also it provides theological support that have received in his heart the desire to become future missionaries. The latter focus is of utmost importance to the body of Christ and for our ministry, as this new mission will not have problems with the language and customs, know the difficulties of the new converts and may help more quickly in the kingdom of God growth.