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Unreached people – Ghana 3

In the last post we tell a little about the people not reached NANUMBA. Today we will meet the unreached people MAMPRUSI.

The Mamprusi are part of the Na Gweba people, originally from what is now Togo. Of the four groups of people descended from Na Gweba, the Mamprusi are the leaders. Most of the Mamprusi live in their homeland, Mamprugu, an area of ​​northeastern Ghana between Dagbani in the south and Frafra in the north.

There are also small communities of Mamprusi in cities in southern Ghana. Two-thirds of marriages are polygamous. The children are given mamprusi and muslim names. Naa-wuni is the supreme god, and people communicate with their ancestors through sacrifices and offerings. The literacy rate among the Mamprusi is less than 15%. The low literacy rate of the Mamprusi people is a major barrier to the Gospel if it comes only in written form.

There are 358,000 people in total, with only 0.50% Christians. The main religion is Islam followed by tribal religions. It is classified as an unreached people, as they have less than 5% of their population being Christian.

Source: Joshua Project


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