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6 de June de 2018
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Unreached people Chad

In recent publications, we have counted on 3 unreached people in Ghana. Now we will share 3 other unreached peoples, but this time, it will be from Chad, the other country that developed Harvesting, working with agriculture and livestock.

The Teda are a race of desert warriors living in the eastern and central Sahara Desert. The majority can be found in the Tibesti Mountains on the Libyan-Chad border. Their harsh environment, extreme poverty, and remote location make them a very tough people, who have often had violent clashes with the neighboring tribes.

Livestock is the main source of wealth in Teda society. Camels and goats are the most common animals kept. The men are responsible for herding the camels, as well as for hunting and trading. Women tend to the goats and till the soil, but most farm work is done by slaves.

Rough sports and violence are a regular part of life among the Teda. Although the man is usually the family leader, the wife may beat him if he challenges her authority in certain matters. Women usually carry daggers, and the men do not interfere in a fight between two women.

There are altogether 82,000 people, with only 0% Christians. The main religion is Islam and it is classified as an unreached people, as they have less than 5% of their population being Christian.

Source: Joshua Project

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