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Young deaf Christian is expelled from home

Dana * is another young woman with a hearing impairment who accepted Jesus as her Savior last year. Recently, her parents discovered her new faith and therefore expelled her from home. They were not violent, they did not beat her and they did not even curse her. They just refused to accept her presence in the family, rejecting her as their daughter for deciding to follow in the footsteps of Christ. The young woman is very upset, not because she was expelled, but because the parents do not want to convert to Christianity as well.

She said she’s praying for their lives, to find the true path, as she found it. Dana has faced double discrimination in Kazakh society, first by being deaf and now by being a follower of Christ, which is not allowed in her country. The pressure of the Islamic community on Christians is high, especially after 2011, when more restrictive legislation was adopted.

The conversion to Christianity is a question that triggers a strong reaction on the part of the Muslims. The State prohibits any religion that is not considered “traditional” and which is not recognized by law. In the family environment discrimination is strong and there are cases of people who even lose their inheritance rights. Kazakhstan is the 43rd country in the current World Persecution List. Pray for this nation.

* Name changed due to security reasons.

Prayer requests

  • Dana needs a lot of prayers. Intercede for her. May he be a good example of a Christian, so that the hearts of his parents may be drawn to the love of Christ.
  • Ask that wherever she is now, be supported and protected by Jesus.
  • Pray for the ministry dedicated to the evangelization of deaf people in Kazakhstan, so that it continues to grow and remain steadfast and persevering.

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