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Church is demolished in Khartoum, capital of Sudan

A Christian church was demolished in Sudan. The church was in the neighborhood of Haj Yousif, on the outskirts of Khartoum. Soon after the Sunday service, the faithful were surprised by the police. Police officers arrived at least three trucks to confiscate church belongings, such as furniture, Bibles and musical instruments. They took everything before demolishing the temple, and it is not known where the objects were taken.

The church had been built in 1989. Although church officials claim the church did not have the required permission to function in that area, the church says it has legal documents proving otherwise. Five years ago, there was an attempt to destroy the church. The Public Safety and Peace Committee, made up of community members, had decided it wanted to demolish the temple, but the church appealed to the court. The legal process was still ongoing.

“We did not expect them to attack the church out of determination, of course the government is acting out of court,” one church official shares. This congregation is among the 27 churches the government said last year it planned to demolish. Pray for the grace of God on the lives of persecuted Christians in this church, so they stand firm in the midst of persecution. Ask for wisdom to deal with the authorities. Intercede so that they will be enabled to glorify the Lord in the midst of these adverse circumstances.

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