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11 de September de 2017
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For decades, Iraqi Christians have been distributing Bibles in the country.

Today, on National Sunday School Bible Day, we are going to reflect on how an Iraqi Christian invests his life so that children have access to quality Christian material. Upon returning from one of his Bible travels, Sajjad shares how he got involved in this work decades ago. He says it all started when he was still a child, because he loved reading.

It was through a dream that God said that he wanted him to work with the distribution of Bibles. That’s why he does the work with passion, especially among children. Sajjad knows he is investing in the future of the Iraqi church. “My dream is that in twenty years, what we are sowing today by bringing the gospel to them, will grow into a beautiful flower garden,” he shares.

Brother Sajjad acknowledges that all the material distributed will only have value in the Kingdom of God if he has the blessing of the Lord. He asks for our prayers so that God will continue to bless this activity. “Pray that the word of God will take root in the lives of these children,” is their request.

* Name changed for security reasons.

Prayer requests

  • Thank God for Sajjad’s faithfulness to the Lord’s call for him to invest his life in the distribution of Christian material in his country.
    Call for wisdom and protection for him.
  • Pray that there will always be provision of material and that in the whole process there will be God’s blessing.
  • Ask for the material to be well used, generating fruit in the lives of all who receive it.

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