Wednesday May 24th, 2017

Details about the Ahok prison

Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, better known as “Ahok”, received the sentence of two years in prison for allegedly blaspheming Islam. The judicial process was politically supported, illustrating […]
Thursday May 18th, 2017

The Challenge of Christian Children in Muslim Schools

In North Africa, Christian children face difficult days because of the discrimination of their schoolmates. “You go to hell,” these are the words of Fatima *, […]
Friday May 5th, 2017

“We do not forget your pain”

We do not forget your pain, you are not alone, “was the message left by the Persecuted Church in Aleppo, Syria, to all the Christian families […]
Thursday April 20th, 2017

Christians in Egypt and Iraq celebrate Easter

Easter celebrations around the world for persecuted Christians took place in very different ways. In regions where there is hostility and persecution of Christ’s followers, it […]