Thursday July 20th, 2017

Yemen war

Yemen war: Saudi-led air strike kills displaced civilians At least 20 displaced civilians, including women and children, have been killed in a Saudi-led coalition air strike […]
Thursday June 29th, 2017

Quando não é possível esquecer

When Al-Shabaab militants besieged the campus of Garissa University in northeastern Kenya, the reality of religious persecution was clearly seen: Muslims were spared and Christians were […]
Wednesday June 14th, 2017

#PrayforTehran: Messages of solidarity after attacks

Social media users from around the world are sharing messages of solidarity with Iran after twin attacks in the capital. At least 12 people were killed in […]
Thursday June 1st, 2017

Second deadly explosion hits Baghdad in 24 hours

At least eight dead on the Al-Shahada bridge after hours of assault alleged by ISIL, which left 15 dead in Karrada. A second explosion struck Baghdad, […]