Monday December 5th, 2016

North Korean Christians are affected by floods

Recently, North Korean Christians living in the province of Hamgyong have faced severe rainfall and severe flooding. Many lost their homes and all the possessions they […]
Friday November 25th, 2016

Religious Persecution Grows According to Global Study

The horrors of religious persecution practiced by groups such as the Islamic State (EI) and similar ones in the Middle East were not enough for the […]
Thursday November 17th, 2016

Church grows amid war in Syria because “there is hunger for God”

A pastor in the region in Aleppo, Syria, shared that the country’s humanitarian crisis has resulted in hundreds of Muslims coming to Christ and making the […]
Wednesday November 9th, 2016

Christians are set Free of Iran’s Prisions

Three Azerbaijani Christians in Evin prison in Iran were released last Sunday on bail and were finally able to return to their families. Eldar Gurbanov (48), […]